Spedali Civili Brescia – Paediatric unit

Unit Paediatric
Country Italy
City Brescia
Address Via del Medolo, 2, 25123 Brescia BS

Spedali Civili has a long standing history in the field of PIDs and Autoinflammatory diseases. It is a referral centre for all forms of PIDs both for pediatric and adult patients. Complete patient-orientated services are offered: diagnostic lab, genetic facility, specialized imaging facility, out-patient clinic, admissions, BMT unit. This organization allows for the centre to offer patients the possibility to complete their diagnostic and therapeutic processes in one place.

The centre also develops multidisciplinary staff specialized in CNO (formerly known as CRMO), offering the patients all the needed procedures to diagnose the disease (included bone biopsy) and follow-up patients (included whole body MRI).

Contact information

Prof Alessandro Plebani
Primary Immunodeficiencies
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Prof Raffaele Badolato
Primary Immunodeficiencies
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Dr Vassilios Lougaris
Paediatric Immunologist
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Dr Marco Cattalini
Pediatric Rheumatology, Autoimmune Diseases
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