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Step-by-step: How to request access

Important tips for successful request

  • Please, do not miss these steps:
    • You need to go through all the steps in requesting of the access (1:15 – 5:41 in the video guide)
    • Setting up of the 2-factor authentication for your EU login is necessary to be able to log into the system once your access is approved (6:00 & onward)
    • When accessing CPMS for the first time, fill in your professional role in appropriate detail, according to our >>Expertise description template<<
  • If you prefer to read through the process, or print it out on paper, you can >>download the registration guide here<<


If you get stuck anywhere in the process, please do not hesitate to Get in touch



Useful CPMS links

CPMS (LIVE version)

EU Login

Request access to CPMS

Panel flow guide

CPMS consultation clinical templates

Feedback forms

Once you’re in – first look & basic settings

Global dashboard & basic navigation

Notification settings

Main sections – Center & ERN

ERN dashboard walkthrough

Center dashboard walkthrough

Panel consultation process tips

If you are a panel lead

  • If possible, do not close the panel before 2 members contribute, otherwise the panel does not count in monitoring
  • Do not archive the panel after you close it

Consulting physician

  • Add your contribution into the contribution field
  • Ask for additional information via the request functionality

Other useful links

ERN-RITA Basecamp

CPMS Usage reports

ECP platform

CPMS (training version)

Training accounts (user / password)

  • ritahpuser1 / cpmsern
  • ritahpuser2 / cpmsern
  • ritahpuser3 / cpmsern
  • ritahpuser4 / cpmsern
  • ritahpuser5 / cpmsern

Get in touch with the RITA helpdesk team