In the last few months the Novel Coronavirus has been reported as possibly linked to a paediatric hyper-inflammatory syndrome. A small number of children have developed a more serious inflammatory condition in temporal association with COVID-19 in the community, often leading to hospitalization, and occasionally requiring intensive care.

In order to better characterize this new clinical phenotype, few month ago a joined PReSESIDISSAIDERN-RITA and PRINTO network’s effort has been started; an international survey has been launched asking the number of patients seen at with this clinical phenotype, the total number is now 475 from 87 pediatric centers in the world.

We are now happy to inform you that the project called HyperPED-COVID, a retrospective observational study, has now started and the first patients have been entered in the websystem.

For any further information on how to participate and on site activation please contact

Marco Gattorno (Coordinator, RITA-ERN & ISSAID)

Nico Wullfraat (RITA-ERN), Sefi Uziely, Fabrizio De Benedetti (PRES research clinical affairs), Paul Brogan (ISSAID), Carine Wouters (ERN-RITA),

Claudia Bracaglia and Francesca Minoia (PRES MAS/sJIA working party)

Roberta Caorsi, Alessandro Consolaro (Survey Coordinators)

Nicola Ruperto and Alberto Martini for PRINTO