Since 2010, the Immunology/Rheumatology Department of the National Institute for Children’s Disease (Bratislava) has been organising the Symposium on Primary Immunodeficiencies. The next edition will take place in a hybrid format on 26 April 2023 at the Hotel Saffron, Bratislava. Themes of this year’s edition of the Symposium will include:

  • Newborn screening for immunodeficiency
  • Primary dysregulatory disorders
  • Antibody deficiencies
  • Paediatric rheumatology

The meeting will be held in Czech and Slovak languages and is a collaborative effort among several medical insitutions across Europe, including other RITA members. 50 to 100 participants are expected to attend the Symposium (allergologists, clinical immunologists, paediatric rheumatologist, paediatricians, nurses, laboratory specialists are welcome to register).

The programme is available and registrations are now open, click here for more information.