The MeRITA project is under validation, ready to be published in 2022: contribute to it!

The MERITA meta-data registry will collect in aggregated fashion the Common Data Elements (CDEs) of the single participating registries, while the ownership and independence of the single initiatives will remain unaffected by participation.
The first draft of the Registry is ready, currently under validation by the project partners, and the Registry will be published online in 2022.

It includes different access for each specific activity:

  • A Public area for general information on the project and the partners, and a basic Search function
  • A Member area to have access to more detailed data and to communicate with Registry owners
  • A Registry Owner area to upload and manage individual registry’s data in the MeRITA registry

Please contribute to it!

All registry owners within the ERN-RITA are invited to contribute to the meta data registry their aggregate CDEs. Your participation in the MeRITA project will ensure:

  • Visibility and interoperability of your registries
  • Adherence to the EU RD platform (ERDRI) as per EU guidelines
  • Involvement in a new registry for sharing essential clinical data according to the European Union’s standards (CDEs)
  • Independence of your registry

For any further information and to join the project please contact