IT/e-Health working GROUP

There are two main areas ITWG is involved in:

1) To develop and support RITA clinical activities

  • Clinical Patient Management System
  • European registry (in collaboration with the Registry WG)

2) To assist other RITA Working Groups and Coordinating Centre with IT/communication issues

  • RITA website
  • Technical aspects of other activities (e.g. educational webinars in collaboration with the Education WG)
  • Promotion and marketing of RITA activities in member countries (in collaboration with Communication WG and patient representatives)
  • Building user-friendly internal IT structure compatible with other international networks

CPMS-related activities of ITWG/RITA Helpdesk:

– Training for CPMS newcomers (HCP, Affiliated Partners, Coordination hubs)

  • F2F training sessions during international congresses
  • Site visits
  • Online training sessions via real-time teleconferences

– Improving and maintaining the CPMS functionalities

  • identification of problems and building guidelines for the RITA CPMS consultation process
  • Improving and maintaining the quality of CPMS case description inputs (disease templates)

– Helping with specific problems from the CPMS registration of individuals to any technical issues
– Assistance to panel leads and panel members with individual steps in the CPMS consultation process
– Monitoring patient access pathways to CPMS consultations and building feedback forms
– CPMS performance monitoring and reporting problematic areas

ITWG structure:

– Chair
– RITA Helpdesk (Administrative, technical and IT-training core of the ITWG)
– Disease Stream representatives

Additional activities

CPMS – Guides, information & useful materials

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Educational webinars organized by ERN-RITA

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