Save the Date: Tuesday 05 September 2023, 12:00-13:00 CET

After a brief summer break, the Tuesday Lunch with RITA webinar series is back with a collaborative webinar with the World Health Organisation. We will have the pleasure to have Dr. Ondrej Mach discuss the risks of resurgence of poliovirus through individuals with PID from a global perspective.

Healthy persons, when infected with poliovirus, typically clear the infection within 4 weeks. However, persons with primary immune deficiency disorders (PID), especially those affecting the B-cell system, are at substantially increased risk of paralytic poliomyelitis and chronic poliovirus excretion if exposed to live poliovirus (i.e., from live oral poliovirus vaccine). These individuals will constitute the only remaining reservoir of poliovirus after eradication; they may become sources of poliovirus outbreaks and delay certification of poliovirus eradication. In his presentation, Dr. Ondrej Mach will describe the experience with detection and treatment of chronic poliovirus excretors among PIDs; and will discuss how regional PID societies might help global polio eradication programme in identifying potential poliovirus excretors.

Chaired by: Dr. Alexandre Belot (Lyon) and Martine Pergent (IPOPI)