CPMS – Clinical Patient Management System

How ERNs and CPMS work?

Main functionalities

  • Secure exchange of data, compliant with GDPR
  • Input of patients and clinical data, documents or images
    • Customised data sets for particular disease themes
    • Medical imager viewer supporting DICOM format
  • Forming & processing virtual expert consultation panels
    • Online discussions
    • (Webex like) virtual meetings
    • Cross ERN functionality
  • Database for research purposes

Are you a patient with a rare disease in need of highly specialised care (within the EU)?

  • Currently, the virtual consultations are available only in EU countries
  • Find the nearest RITA member center, ideally in your country of residence
  • If there is none, get in touch with a different local healthcare provider, or directly with us
  • The local healthcare provider can become a virtual guest in the CPMS and can then input your case data and ask an expert from the ERN to lead the panel and invite others for the consultation

Get in touch for further assistance

See how CPMS helped patients from other ERNs

The story of Jasper (ERN GUARD-Heart)

The story of Elisa (ERN-BOND)

Are you a physician seeking help with diagnosis or treatment, or you wish to provide your expertise to others?

1. You are from an ERN member, or an affiliated health care provider

  • You can input patients, create panels and invite other physicians for consulting on your case
  • and/or you can consult in panels created by others within the ERN

2. You are from a different health care provider (within the EU)

  • Your center can become a guest virtual center in order to input your patient for a virtual consultation in the CPMS
  • You can become a guest expert and provide your expertise in the virtual panels created by others

Get in touch for assistance with requesting access, guest access, or with becoming a guest virtual center

CPMS & ECP links

CPMS – Clinical Patient Management System

  • Access the virtual consultation platform here

ECP – ERN Collaborative Platform

  • Access the official library of ERN documents here

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