ERN-RITA message about the war in Ukraine

From ERN-RITA coordinator Prof Nico Wulffraat

Today is World Rare Disease Day, but it is also a very sad day: the fifth day since the beginning of a terrible war. ERN-RITA is deeply concerned by this dreadful situation and wants to send its deepest thoughts to the medical community and to all the patients in Ukraine, to the broken families, to those who are fleeing to neighboring countries.

On behalf of RITA’s community, I would also like to extend these thoughts to the Russian and Belarussian patients who will suffer from this situation and to acknowledge the admirable position of these 600 Russian researchers who have courageously stood up against the war.

We call on European health authorities to make everything possible so that these patients with rare diseases are not left behind and can access their treatment.

On our side, we will do everything possible so that the patients, including the refugees, can access their medication. Therefore, we invite every doctor or patient in need to reach out to us, so we can see how we would support them, thanks to ERN-RITA network.

Please contact RITA Project officer Yvonne van Rooij:


Nico Wulffraat