International Vasculitis Workshop 2024

Save the Date! The 21st International Vasculitis Workshop will take place in Barcelona, next 7-10 April 2024.

The workshop will focus on all kind of vasculitis and related disorders from a holistic and multidisciplinary approach and is addressed to clinicians as well as clinical and translational researchers working in this area and to trainees interested in this field.

We expect several RITA members and patient partners to attend this conference and meet with each other. RITA members interested in systemic adult and pediatric vasculitis and monogenic vasculitis in the borders of autoinflammatory diseases are welcome to participate. Drug related immunodeficiency and infection related to current treatments will be covered.

On April 6th, there will be a patient meeting organised by the International Vasculitis Foundation, in collaboration with UK vasculitis patient organisation and other local patient organisations.

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