The ‘PReS School’ webinar series from PReS takes place on the third Tuesday of each month and is each time organised by a different PReS working party. The goal of these webinars is to review knowledge in pediatric rheumatology from medium to advanced level, while building a community among PReS members across the world. 

The next webinar in the series will take place on Tuesday 18 May 2024 at 12:00 – 13:00 CET and will be organised by the PReS Health Professionals Working Party.

This webinar will be a discussion of the use of Multi-disciplinary Teams (MDT) in Paediatric Rheumatology. Firstly Daniela Ghio is presenting on a systematic review of experiences of working in multi-disciplinary teams in rheumatology care, which helped us to understand different types of teams and experiences across rheumatology. This will be followed by Liz Smith and Samundeeswari Deepak who will be discussing the reality and the scope of working in an MDT in paediatric rheumatology and how they have been successful in developing the team further. The webinar is moderated by Norma O’Keeffe and Nilay Arman who also come from different disciplines.

Moderators: Norma O’Keeffe (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, IE, HP-PReS), Nilay Arman (Physiotherapist, TR, HP-PReS, EMERGE)


  • 1. Daniela Ghio (Research Psychologist, GB): A systematic review of stakeholder experiences and effectiveness of MDT in rheumatology care
  • 2. Liz Smith (Lead Nurse, GB) & Samundeeswari Deepak (Consultant, GB): Paediatric rheumatology MDT: The art of what’s possible.

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