Putting patients first in primary immunodeficiency care: celebrate WorldPIWeek!

Brussels, 22nd April 2019 – The 9th World Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Week campaign starts today, with one key message: let’s deliver care with and for patients with primary immunodeficiency worldwide. 

 Spotlight on patient-centricity

There are over 320 different types of primary immunodeficiencies, affecting over 6 million people worldwide. The types are all different, meaning that each individual requires a personalised approach, focused on his/her specific needs. World PI Week, 22-29 April, is an opportunity to join a global movement calling for patient-centred care for people living with primary immunodeficiency and their families around the world.

Patient centricity means not working around but with patients: patients and their families are partners of healthcare providers in the decisions related to their own care and treatment plans.

Patient centricity requires re-thinking and re-organising services so they are truly oriented to deliver the best value to their end-users, the patients. One example of this is the systematic implementation of new born screening for severe forms of primary immunodeficiency, which ensures that patients can be diagnosed at an early stage.

Patient centricity also means working in a holistic, inclusive way with the multiple actors who play a role in care delivery, from patients and doctors, to allied healthcare professionals, biologists and researchers.

Spreading the word across the globe to deliver change

From today onwards, people on all continents are taking part in the World PI Week by organising events, conferences, family days, TV/radio interviews and many other activities to raise awareness and help bring about change.

Get involved to show support of the primary immunodeficiency community! Join the many individuals living with the disease, their families, healthcare professionals, scientific experts, companies, policy-makers and researchers across the globe who are advocating for a political, societal and healthcare shift towards patient-centricity. This will bring the best outcomes for primary immunodeficiency patients!

Capitalising on its new branding and vision and supported by its active network, the World PI Week 2019 brings positive momentum for action.


Together, bringing about change for primary immunodeficiency patients worldwide!



World PI Week is a global movement to raise awareness of primary immunodeficiency and related challenges; promote quality of life for people with primary immunodeficiency, early diagnosis, availability and access to treatment and care worldwide; and stimulate communication and advocacy around primary immunodeficiency.


Primary immunodeficiencies are rare diseases which occur when a person’s immune system is absent or does not function properly. When a defect in the immune system is inherited (carried through the genes), it is called primary immunodeficiency. There are over 320 forms of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI or PID), ranging widely in severity.

Primary Immunodeficiency often presents in the form of “common” infections, sometimes leading physicians to treat the infections while missing the underlying cause, allowing the infections to reoccur, and leaving the patient vulnerable to vital organ damage, physical disability, and even death.

For more information, please visit www.worldpiweek.org, follow us on Twitter @WorldPIWeek.

Press contact:
Bénédicte Faure, campaign manager : info@worldpiweek.org