27-29 September 2021: Symposium on Secondary Immunodeficiency by ESID

The Immunological Consequences of Targeted Immune Therapies

Secondary immunodeficiencies become more and more common and widespread as they develop in the course of numerous diseases and result from a variety of therapeutic conditions. Increasingly, in many spheres of medicine, agents (biologics, JAK inhibitors etc) are used which can have profound, long-lasting effects on immune function, as well as treating the disease in question. The immunological side-effects are not always appreciated, recognized, investigated, or managed appropriately, even within the same discipline, and within one hospital, patients under different disciplines can be managed quite differently.

The Symposium on the Immunological Consequences of Targeted Immune Therapies organized by the Clinical Working Party of ESID is a unique multidisciplinary opportunity bringing together professionals from different fields to discuss the challenges in the treatment and management of acquired immunodeficiencies.

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