Research working GROUP


  • Creating a constructive network across streams and expertise
  • Favour collaborations
  • Facilitating synergies across members and countries
  • Helping members who are interested in applying to various research projects

How ?

  • Monitor research calls to disseminate to the members via the internal and external communication channels (Basecamp, website, social media)
  • Create a list of common projects, in order to help members to be a part of existing projects
  • Organise webinars (bi-annual) on relevant topics, for ex: How to build a EU project, presentation of an on-going/future project
  • Creation of sub-groups on specific topics to accelerate patient oriented research, i.e. cutting-edge technologies…


  • Novel cell- and gene-based therapies
  • Development of cytokine and antibody therapies
  • Cutting edge technologies for assessing immunophenotyping
  • Clinical studies, epidemiology
  • Social sciences